Who is the ultimate game changer? The best retailer award recognises the UK business that has truly embraced innovation over the past year to improve the customer experience, enhance efficiency and drive growth.
A new player has entered the game. This category recognises the business that is shaking up retail and is emerging as a future market leader in its sector. The retailer will have adopted new approaches that have helped it achieve high growth and win market share in the UK over the past year.
In partnership with Excellent Zephyr, this award will be given to the brand that has adopted new approaches to make shopping easier, more exciting and formed a deeper relationship with customers through its direct-to-consumer arm.
This award recognises the retailer that has pioneered new models, technology and approaches to drive growth and improve the shopping experience. Entrants are accepted from both pureplay and cross-channel retailers.
True innovation has been needed to get products to stores, distribution centres and customers homes over the challenging past year. This award recognises the retailer that has found new ways of moving product or embraced new technology to improve supply chain efficiency, availability and the customer experience..
In partnership with Crimtan, this award recognises marketing innovation and celebrates the campaigns that have not just pioneered new approaches to marketing but have delivered sales and profit growth.
Which retailer has done more than set targets but brought in game-changing initiatives to improve the environmental performance of their business? This award recognises the ground-breaking projects that have improved a retailer's sustainability and encouraged shoppers to make more eco-conscious decisions.
This award recognises the retailer that has dramatically improved employee engagement and business performance over the past year.